Thailand: Affordable Cuisine, Culture, Markets and Massages!

From Bangkok’s bustling city life to Chiang Mai’s temples and elephant farms, and Phuket’s paradise beaches and resorts, Thailand has something for everyone. As I write this, I am on my way to … [Read More...]


Arizona’s Agriculture and Adventures

When one thinks of a warm winter getaway, the Caribbean or South America may come to mind.  But how about vacationing in the United States, where you don’t have to worry about money exchange or … [Read More...]


Grab Your Lasso and Head West!

When you think of the wild wild west, what comes to mind?  In the movies, it’s all about the cowboys with their big belt buckles, boots and spurs and cool cowboy hat with lasso in hand.   If … [Read More...]


Perfectly Provence!

When one mentions the region of Provence in Southern France, many associate it with delicious food, wine, and romance. But what sets Provence apart from other regions of France also known for their … [Read More...]


Luxurious Bus Travel

Do you travel between NYC and Boston or Framingham for business or to see friends and family?   You can take Amtrak, which adds up in price, or you can fly, but I think for trips under five hours, … [Read More...]

Chathams Bar Inn

Chatham Bars Inn: New England Enchantment!

I’m always looking for great romantic getaways close to home because, let’s face it, we can’t all get away for a week or more at a time.  However, three days over a long weekend is usually … [Read More...]


Raw Goodness!

When I say I love to eat raw food, what’s the first thing you think of? When I did a features piece on raw food restaurants a few years ago, responses included everything from raw hamburger meat to … [Read More...]

St. Kitts Marriott

Kuddle up in St. Kitts

When traveling, a lot of times we want to explore a place we’ve never been, but want to stay with a hotel brand we all know and trust, so we’re not going into completely unchartered territory.   … [Read More...]